Thank you to Dr. Duane Pitt and his entire Desert Institute for Spine Disorders team. I arrived in Arizona in excruciating pain, but I left healed, I am free of all pain. Bianca, the international coordinator so graciously and professionally went above the call of duty to anticipate and organize all tests, appointments, surgery and travel dates. Because I travelled during the peak season in Arizona, Bianca proactively secured accommodations before prices skyrocketed.

However, the highlight of my arrival was Mr. David Pitt. When I saw him standing in the airport, the stress of a long day of travel, the unknown and the pain was relieved. Traveling and securing transportation was one less thing I had to figure out. I actually breathed a sigh of relief and a smile graced my face. His hospitality was a welcoming and calming presence I felt during my entire stay in Arizona.

The continuity of care is commendable and greatly appreciated; from my pre-op visit the next day at the office to the necessary pre-op blood work at Honors Health Thompsons Peak, my check in for surgery, the two surgeries and nursing care in the Hospital, was exemplary!

My first two weeks of post-op were spent in a condo in the “Old Town” of Scottsdale. a very lovely, expensive area of Arizona. If renting a car, great, its a family friendly area to recuperate in, that is walk, walk and walk. The key is to be mindful of the distance from the hospital and the length of your hospital stay, as it can become very expensive for your companion if traveling by cabs. I moved to La Quinta Inn and Suites for my last seven days in Arizona. This hotel was much closer to Dr. Pitts office plus the hotel provided a free shuttle bus there and to any restaurant and mall in a 5mile mile radius. A very nice, comfortable, friendly, affordable and accommodating hotel to stay in. Oh, the complimentary continental breakfast comes in handy.

My departure, was sweet, because it was time to go home. Mr. David Pitt with his quiet, calming and helpful demeanor followed through and saw us off. It was such a fulfilling, peaceful experience with Dr. Pitt and his expert team.

Extremely impressed!

Wendy Harmon
Sandy’s, Bermuda
May 2016



“During my visit and stay in Scottsdale Arizona it was really refreshing and delightful.  The weather was hot, dry not humid which I thoroughly appreciated.  The Hospital and Hotel(s) are within walking distance which was ideal.  Walking was my daily exercise because the air was clean. The people are kind and courteous also very accommodating.  I found Arizona to be meticulously clean and safe, very relaxing and calming. The Restaurants are great at any time of the day or night you can pick your choice and be satisfied with vast amount of entertainment for catering to any age bracket.  You can tour Arizona Mountains and other interesting sites that would leave you in awe.  I also have some friends that live in Arizona which makes it inviting for my next vacation in the very near future.”

Glendora Pearman


” I had supreme confidence in Dr. Pitt and his technique. When I
went to Arizona for my back surgery, I was most impressed by the total

Most important was the fact that I went into the OR shortly after 8am and was
back home before noon!”

Dr. the Hon. Ewart F. Brown
Former Premier of Bermuda




“I traveled from Bermuda to Arizona in March/April 2014, under the care of Dr. Duane Pitt for my spine surgery. I was greeted by his office with a “Welcome to Arizona” binder and gift bag. The binder was full of accommodations, places of interest, restaurants, shopping and other things to do while in Arizona. All of the staff was warm and friendly whilst remaining professional. Arizona was beautiful, and we did have the chance to do a lot of sightseeing. We decided to stay at the Sun Scape Villas in South Scottsdale which was about a 5 minute drive from the hospital and a 15 minute drive from Dr. Pitt’s Scottsdale office. It was a one bedroom villa situated on a golf course with a green belt which was perfect for me to walk while recuperating. I have been a walking talking billboard selling Arizona and Dr. Pitt since my return to Bermuda to everyone who has back complaints. If you require surgery on your spine go to Scottsdale, Arizona… everyone there must know Dr. Duane Pitt!!!!”

Ardyne Smith

We are Harold & Jennifer Simmons and nine years ago our lives changed, a truck ran a stop sign and hit Harold five minutes from home.

He was taken to the hospital here in Bermuda and a few months later we were on a plane to an overseas hospital to fix the damage to his spine from the accident.

After the operation for years Harold was in severe pain we went back to the overseas hospital and was told they could not do anything more for him, other than pain pills and this was not an option.

So as my mother always said when you don’t know what to do stand still and give it to God so we did.

And thank God he opened the door and Dr. Pitt walked in.  He explained to us in detail and in terms that we could understand what he was going to do regarding the surgery.

Not knowing anything about Scottsdale, Arizona Dr. Pitt’s International Coordinator (Bianca) came to our assistance.  Bianca looked for various Condos for us as we wanted a safe area and one that we could get around without too much fuss.

Bianca found that and more whilst we were in Scottsdale Bianca would call and check if all was well, she would give us directions for different locations that we needed.  Bianca made our trip less stressful.  Bianca’s work ethic is above reproach.

The day of Harold’s first surgery we went to Dr. Pitt’s Surgery Center it was late afternoon so they kept him over night I left and went back to the condo because the staff at the facility made us feel so secure that he was there only priority and also I could call at any time.  The staff at the center was professional but human they understood that this is your loved one.

The second surgery was at Honor Health Hospital when you walk through the doors it begins they are welcoming, concerned and extremely helpful.  When Harold was in surgery I was given updates in a timely manner, this took away the stress of not knowing.

After four hours of surgery it was finished.  The nurses on the floor where Dr. Pitt’s patience’s go are on point, the standard of care was above and beyond, and we thank the staff at Honor Health Hospital for having and maintain such a high level of professionalism and kindness.

In two days we were leaving the hospital.  For the next three weeks it was all about Harold healing.  Around the third day Harold said I don’t feel it, I was like what’s wrong, Harold said no nothing’s wrong I don’t feel the pain anymore, I was speechless and anyone that knows me knows that’s rare.

Harold continued to improve as weeks went by on his last doctor’s visit everything went excellent and we are good to travel back home (Bermuda).

We thank God every day for Dr. Pitt, God has blessed him with the knowledge and skill to heal people and stop their pain.

Dr. Pitt, Bianca and all that made Harold’s surgery and healing possible Thank You and God continue to bless and keep you all.


The Simmons family.
Oct 2015
We first met with Dr. Pitt in Bermuda and found him to be personable, knowledgeable, engaging and thoroughly informed on the procedure that I was to receive.The staff of Desert Institute were most helpful, encouraging and anticipated our needs. They went above and beyond their call of duty. They were extremely well-informed on every aspect of the operation and recovery.We were extremely impressed and grateful for their support. Our stay in Arizona on the whole was extremely beneficial, and we will without reservation recommend treatment at your facility anyone in need of excellent medical care.We are thankful for Dr. Pitt and staff of the Desert Institute for Spine Disorders for a job well done.

Carol and Leroy Simmons.
Sept 2015